Paint Over Stain Easily

 Do you want to paint a stained dresser white to match your new bedroom design? Perhaps a coat of flat wall paint would help to brighten the stained wood paneling in your living room. 

Paint over stain would not need much more effort than painting over unfinished wood in either case. Actually, knowing the triceps would possibly save you time.

Painting is a time-consuming yet satisfying DIY (Do It Yourself) project. If the project entails painting over painted wood, the lengthy nature of the process will add to the frustration. 

Painting the painted wood would be well worth the time, effort, and patience if enough time, effort, and patience are put into it.

Though stained wood is appealing, a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets or deck will breathe new life into your home. Is it, however, possible to paint over a stain? 

The best response is determined by a number of factors, including the amount of time you have to devote to the project and your level of expertise.

Can You Paint Over Stain

The key reason you can’t just paint over a wood stain or dye is that most wood stains are essentially colored or tinted varnishes, and most wood dyes are then covered with varnish or lacquer to cover them until applied to an item. 

The key problem is with the protective varnish coating – varnish, by its very nature, forms a durable, shiny, and waterproof layer to protect the surface under it from all external elements. 

Paint and many other top coat finishes must be able to completely adhere to the surface they are applied to in order to remain in place. 

Since the varnish is present, this does not happen, and the paint actually sits on top. It will flake or chip off quickly if the correct bond is not present, or it will look rough and streaky at best.

So, now that you have this knowledge, you should be able to see why slapping paint over wood stain or dye isn’t the best way to achieve a fine, long-lasting finish.


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